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Very Early Pregnancy Symptom Before Period - Finding Pregnancy Right After Conception

Very early pregnancy symptom before period alerts you to conception before you miss the periods. Many women get an inkling of their condition only after they miss their periods, which could be 15 days to a few months after conception. Moreover, a missed period is not always because of pregnancy- it could have other causes like stress and anxiety. Lack of proper diet and extreme anorexia can also lead to amenorrhea, or missed periods. Therefore, you should be aware of various pregnancy symptoms so that you are not caught unawares.

The section below lists every very early pregnancy symptom before period so you will know you are pregnant soon after conceiving.

Implantation Spotting

Implantation bleeding is the slight spotting many women note just a few days after conception. Implantation bleeding, unlike periods, is very light, and pinkish in color. Dark color or heavy bleeding is a cause for concern and you should see a doctor immediately in that case.


Slight exhaustion and cramping is a sign of pregnancy. If you feel exhausted for no reason, and feel the need for frequent naps, it could be due to pregnancy. Cramping is another early pregnancy symptom to watch out for - it usually accompanies spotting. Cramps should stop after a few minutes' rest or changing your position. If the cramping is very painful, visit your doctor for a thorough examination.


Your hormones have started the process of making your womb safe and nourishing for the baby. The downside - you cannot eat those greasy, heavy meals you loved before you conceived; not until you have crossed the first trimester, in any case.

Food Craving

Your body demands the most impossible things during pregnancy. Weird food cravings are a part of it. You want to eat the best possible, most nourishing food. In addition, you want to snack on pickles, ice cream, crackers all day long! Your sensitivity to certain flavors diminish or increase, giving rise to food cravings. Nausea and food craving go hand in hand for many pregnant women, creating situations where binge eating and vomiting alternate with each other.

Swollen Breasts

Another very early pregnancy symptom before period are tender breasts - not only are your breasts more sensitive and painful to touch, they are also larger. Tender breasts or nipples sore and dark are telltale signs of pregnancy. The areola becomes darker in color.

Body Temperature

Basal body temperature increases during ovulation and conception to aid fertilization and giving the egg optimum conditions. Many women measure basal body temperature using special thermometers.

You need not wait a few weeks till your periods to confirm pregnancy, or find out that you are pregnant. If you have undergone IVF treatment and want to know if it was successful, you should look out for these symptoms instead if waiting to miss a period. Very early pregnancy symptom before period allows you to consult your doctor immediately after you suspect you are pregnant.