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Symptom Of Pregnancy - How To Find Out If You Are Pregnant

If you have undergone IVF treatment or conceived naturally, one of the signs of pregnancy is the first sign to watch out for. Early pregnancy symptom could be anything from spotting to nausea and tiredness. Do not wait until the date of your periods is overdue, your pregnancy might be several weeks old by then. A weekly pregnancy calendar is helpful for charting the progress of pregnancy - start keeping one as soon as you notice signs of pregnancy.

When you notice any symptom of pregnancy, be sure to consult your doctor. He will be the best person to tell you about the tests you need to undergo, medications etc. Right after you have seen one or more sign of pregnancy, you should see a doctor and have him confirm the pregnancy.

The Following Signs Of Pregnancy Help You Be Alert To Conception

  • Nausea - Morning sickness, the common misnomer for nausea that can happen anytime, is a common complaint of pregnant women. Many women suspect pregnancy only after they feel this symptom of pregnancy. Morning sickness is caused by the hormonal changes in the body and an increased sensitivity to odors.
  • Spotting- Do not be alarmed by slight spotting or bleeding, it is another early pregnancy symptom. Spotting is harmless as long as it is light. Heavy bleeding is a sign that you should see your doctor immediately.
  • Fatigue- Feeling tired for no reason? Want to put your feet up? Sudden onset of fatigue could be a symptom of pregnancy. You may find it difficult to run around like you used to. Fatigue is generally gone after the first trimester, only to reappear in the third.
  • Fainting/ dizziness- Another symptom of pregnancy; dizziness is caused by sudden lowering of blood pressure when you try to rise from a sitting position. Some women may also faint. Taking proper care of yourself and avoiding overwork is the key to keeping yourself healthy during pregnancy.
  • Tender Breasts- You might have noticed tenderness in your breast. They are painful to touch, and they seem a little larger than usual. If it is not the time for your periods yet, then tender breasts could be the result of hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  • Darker Areola- Areola is the dark area around the nipples. During pregnancy, the areola becomes larger and darker. This is another sign by which you know you are pregnant.
  • Cramping- Cramps occur right after the fertilized egg has traveled down the fallopian tubes and attaches to the uterus. The inner lining of the uterus is rich in nutrients. Because of the ligaments stretching to adjust to the growing baby, you may feel cramps.

Pregnancy Calendar

Start keeping a pregnancy calendar as soon as you notice the first sign of pregnancy. A pregnancy calendar helps you chart your pregnancy and follow the development of the baby. It is the best way to keep track of your rapidly closing due date.

The first symptom of pregnancy should be taken seriously, even before you realize you have missed your periods.