Pregnancy Symptoms   Gravidanza Sintomi  

Sign Of Pregnancy - Knowing When You Are Pregnant

For women waiting to conceive, the first signs of pregnancy brings suspense, anticipation, joy and a little anxiety. For women for whom the pregnancy was not planned, the early pregnancy symptom gives a chance to take further decision. The first sign of pregnancy can be dramatic or subtle. The intensity of the symptoms varies from woman to woman. More than that, you can have just two, three or more of the symptoms.

Planning Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time for you to make certain changes in your lifestyle. If you are looking forward to motherhood, you need to start planning life after pregnancy, complete with diaper changing, three am feeding, lost sleep and a social life that is suspended. From the time you see the first sign of pregnancy; you need to start making further plans. Keeping yourself healthy during this time is important, so read up all you can about pregnancy.

Pregnancy Calendar

Keep updating your weekly pregnancy calendar. Learn more about keeping pregnancy journals. Online weekly calendars are very useful tools for timing your pregnancy, and keeping track of the progress you and your baby make. A pregnancy calendar makes it easy for you to keep track of the developments that go on throughout the nine months of pregnancy.


Given below are some of the common symptoms of pregnancy. You can have either one sign of pregnancy or many.

  • Missed Period - Usually the first thing to alert you to the fact that something is not quite the same as before. However, if you have been stressed on not eating properly, your periods can be delayed considerable. If this sign of pregnancy is accompanied by any of the signs below, this is the time to think.
  • Swollen Breasts - you may feel some tenderness in your breasts, just as you did when your periods were about to start. However, if you are pregnant, not only will your breasts be swollen, they will be bigger.
  • Darkening of Areola - The areola, the pigmented area around the nipples, darken when you are pregnant.
  • Implantation Spotting - This is a very early sign of pregnancy. It usually happens 3-4 days after the egg is fertilized. You may see spotting or a little bleeding. The spotting is light or pinkish. You may also have cramps. The spotting and cramps should not last beyond 2-3 days.
  • Nausea - Nausea is the precursor to "morning sickness" that happens four weeks into pregnancy. Morning sickness is another sign of pregnancy that takes women by surprise and makes them aware of possible pregnancy.
  • Fatigue - Sudden fatigue is another pregnancy symptom. If you feel tired and need to take a rest, or feel like taking a nap in the afternoon, you should be tested for pregnancy. Dizziness is also common in pregnant women.
  • Fainting - Many women are alarmed when they have fainting spells. Fainting is another pregnancy symptom that surprises women as this is the first inkling they have that things are not what they used to be. Fainting is caused by low blood pressure, and if your doctor checks you and gives the all clear, there is nothing to worry about.

There is nothing to alarmed about if you notice any of the symptoms above. Watch out for excess bleeding, cramping or burning sensation though, it needs immediate medical attention. Confirm your pregnancy at the doctor's clinic once you notice any sign of pregnancy.