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Pregnancy Week By Week - Tracing The Development Of The Baby

Keeping a pregnancy week-by-week record is the best way to keep track of your baby's growth and development. Pregnancy is a special time for women; by keeping pregnancy week-by-week account, they can share these special moments with their child when he or she grows up. Being alert when recording a symptom of pregnancy helps you spot danger signals in the early stages.

Each week during pregnancy is special, bringing new developments for the baby and you. From the early pregnancy symptom to labor, every week unfolds special moments that you will want to remember forever. Everything changes - your lifestyle, thoughts, moods, and relationships with those around you. This is a period of growth for you, and keeping track of pregnancy week-by-week growth helps you marvel at those changes later.


Keep a pregnancy journal where you can record pregnancy week by week. You can buy yourself a beautifully bound journal to record your thoughts and events surrounding you and the baby. If you prefer an online journal, this will have the added advantage of letting you connect to other pregnant women.

A Pregnancy Week By Week Guide

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, each with its distinct symptoms. Your pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last period. This could mean almost two weeks before conception. This is the best way to keep track of pregnancy week by week since many women are not sure about the day of conception. Conception occurs in the third week of pregnancy. Soon, you will start feeling early pregnancy symptoms. If you suspect pregnancy, use a home pregnancy test kit to confirm pregnancy.

The embryo grows rapidly week 4 onwards. Muscles, bones and vital organs will be differentiated in the mass of cells the embryo currently is. Along with it, the placenta and birth cord are forming. You may have the onset of "morning sickness" and feel fatigued.

By Week 8, you need good maternity bras to keep you from feeling the strain as the breasts get larger. You might feel cramps periodically, and this will happen throughout pregnancy. The baby has arms and legs, and the facial features are becoming sharper. Fingers (with unique fingerprints) and facial features will be formed by week 14. You will now feel the baby moving about inside you.

The baby looks chubby by week 21. The development is not as rapid as before, by slow growth of vital systems are still taking place. In the next two weeks, the baby will look almost like newborns do. By week 27, the baby will be sucking its thumb. He has become very active, and can pick up sounds outside the mother's body.

By week 35, the baby is able to blink. Her reflexes are sharp. In the next two weeks, she will get chubbier. You will be feeling her knocking about inside you all the time. Keep your bags packed for the hospital. Around this time, you should get ready for delivery, it can happen any time in the next two weeks.

A pregnancy week-by-week exam helps you in delivering a healthy baby.