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Pregnancy Journal - Keeping A Record During Pregnancy

Pregnancy journal is a journal kept by women detailing pregnancy symptom, diet and other relevant information. A pregnancy journal helps you track the baby's progress from early pregnancy symptom to all the milestones she crosses in the nine-week gestation period. A pregnancy journal is a way to keep a record of the priceless time of your life. When you look back on the days of your pregnancy, a pregnancy journal will remind you of the joy, growth and even anxieties associated with it.

Pregnancy Journal Tips

Pregnancy journal writing can be very rewarding experience. Write from the heart, and don't feel self conscious. This is a special time for you, pen down your thoughts, feelings, desires and expectations. Remember the special times during pregnancy, the little kind things your partner did for you. Someday, the baby will grow up and want to know a little about how she came to be. A pregnancy journal will be a record you keep for her as well as for you. Or maybe years down the road, after the kids have flown the nest, you and your partner will go through the pregnancy journal and relive those special moments.

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Get Started On The Pregnancy Journal.

  • Practice- If you have not done much writing, you might have some trouble getting the creative juices flowing at first. Practice writing about your pregnancy or some other topic before you start filling your journal.
  • Frequency- Most women ask "how frequently should I write?". The answer depends on your preferences. Someday you may not have anything to write about, or you may feel too done in by morning sickness and fatigue. Other times, you feel elated and want to keep writing the entire day. Keep a fixed time for writing the journal.
  • Creativity- While the pregnancy journal is meant to report facts about your health and progress, it need not be dry and completely factual. Write about the relevance of pregnancy in your life. Alternatively, think about the depiction of pregnancy in art through the ages. If you are keeping an online pregnancy journal, you could even upload pictures of pregnancy and motherhood done by famous painters.
  • How much should you put in a journal- If you want your partner or child to read the journal later, you may have to restrain from putting all your thoughts down. You could also keep a separate journal where you jot down things you want your child to know.
  • Information- Apart from being well written and documenting your thoughts, your pregnancy journal should also have relevant information detailing pregnancy week to week. It should have information on your pregnancy symptoms, weight, changing body and developing baby. Put in nuggets of information like the first ultrasound where you saw the growing baby.
  • Tools- All you need to keep you motivated is a nice diary. It will make it easier for you to sit in a little corner and put down your thoughts. If you are Internet savvy, you can fill your thoughts in an online journal. It will also help you connect to other pregnant women.

Pregnancy is a special time in your life. Keep the happy, and the not so happy, memories alive in your pregnancy journal - a special gift for you and your family.