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Pregnancy Health - Your Questions Answered

Pregnancy health is a crucial issue for mothers and their unborn babies. Your pregnancy health will determine the health and development of the baby even after he is born. That is why it is necessary for you to take care of your health; beginning from the time you detect early pregnancy symptom. It is important for you keep looking ahead and let go of worries.

Here are some ways to ensure your pregnancy goes smooth and hassle free.

Mental Peace

It is crucial for the mother to be at peace with herself and those around her. Pregnancy is a time for physical, mental and spiritual development. Try to keep happy. Get involved in doing things that you like. Set aside time for yourself and your family. Mental peace is important so you bring the baby into a happy atmosphere.

Pre Natal Vitamins

If you doctor has recommended prenatal vitamins, be sure to take them on a regular basis. Pre natal vitamins have been shown to lower deformities in the fetus. Many vitamins may not be present in adequate amount in your diet. You need to take these multi vitamins through supplements.


Your diet is a crucial part of the pregnancy health plan. Eat as much of natural, organic food as possible. The food should be fresh and not processed. If your weight is normal, you need around 250 calories extra to help in the development of the fetus. Include dairy products, bread, cereals, fruits, vegetables and protein in your diet. Don't skip the fat - a little amount of fat is needed by the body. Use vegetable oils instead of animal origin fat in your pregnancy diet, as this will help keep your cholesterol count in check.


Exercise is an important part of pregnancy health. By exercising right, you can ensure an easy delivery and less stressful birth. You will also feel lesser discomfort due to pregnancy symptoms like back ache, constipation etc. Always consult your doctor before you start any exercise regimen. Stay active as far as possible without tiring yourself.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Avoid certain habits that can harm your baby. If you are a smoker, stop smoking from the time you notice any symptom of pregnancy. Lessen the intake of caffeine if you are habituated to heavy doses of tea and coffee. If you take certain medications, mention these to your doctor so he can change the dose or type of medicine if he thinks they might harm you.

Monitor Your Health

The moment you realize you are pregnant, start reading all you can about pregnancy health and care during pregnancy. Keep a pregnancy journal detailing your symptoms, weight, diet, doctor's feedback and any other relevant information. This will help you chart your and the baby's development over the next nine months.

Work With Your Doctor

The doctor can only do so much for you; it is you who must take the initiative to make a healthy, happy time for yourself during pregnancy. Follow the doctor's advice. Ask the doctor his or her opinion if you think something is not quite right, or your pregnancy symptoms are alarming.

Take proper care of yourself during pregnancy. Pregnancy health is a matter of utmost importance, for both you and your baby.