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Pregnancy Changes And Dealing With Them

Pregnancy changes your body in many ways. Many pregnancy changes are permanent, to the chagrin of many women. However, pregnancy is more than an expanding belly - it also changes you mentally. Women report various emotions when they first learn of their pregnancy. The change in appearance depresses many women- though there is no reason for you to be pregnant and not be beautiful as well!

Here are some common problems faced during pregnancy and tips on how to deal with them.


You may feel frustrated when you are unable to put in as much work as you used to. Being on the go from morning until midnight does not seem quite so easy now. You feel like taking frequent rest, putting your feet up and relaxing. Take as much rest as you feel like, do not lift heavy objects and limit physical labor.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the biggest problems of pregnant women. The ugly marks on the skin are caused by stretching of the skin due to weight gain. Stretch marks on the belly are also cause for embarrassment to many women. However, they must remember that stretch marks can be limited through creams and lotions. Consult your doctor before using any cream or treatment for stretch marks. Regular massage can also minimize stretch marks.

Leaking Nipples

Another embarrassing problem for pregnant women, leaking nipples are caused by excess colostrums. To avoid embarrassing situations, use maternity pads.

Tender Breasts

During pregnancy, a woman's breasts are more tender and painful due to hormonal changes in the body. Not only that- many women have reported substantial increase in the size of breasts. This can make many women uncomfortable. During this time, invest in a larger size bra. Better still; go for a soft maternity bra with shoulder straps that will support you.

Back Ache

During pregnancy, your entire body might seem to be one big ache. Lower back pain can especially be an acute problem due to the weight of the growing baby on the nerves. The ligaments of the uterus and lower back stretch to make room for the growing baby. Doing gentle exercises and maintaining a good posture is the key to dealing with backache.

Blotchy Skin

Most women never tire of talking about the maternal glow about their faces when they are pregnant. However, there are women who suffer from skin problems like a blotchy skin, freckles or pimples. These temporary problems will subside once the baby arrives. You can consult your beautician or doctor for possible treatment. Avoid going out in the sun and use moisturizers.


Cramps are one of the worst experiences for women. Pregnant women might experience cramping throughout the nine months they are carrying the baby. You might have cramps during implantation. Due to the stretching of the ligaments in the uterus as the baby grows, you may feel cramps in the region. Hot or cold packs are ideal solution to cramps. In the third trimester, you might feel Braxton Hicks cramps, also known as "false labor". Though annoying, the Braxton Hicks are generally painless.

Pregnancy has its share of pain and problems, but think of the little bundle you will be holding in your arms at the end of it, and the trouble seems nothing compared to it!