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All You Wanted To Know About Pregnancy Weight Gain

Pregnancy weight gain is a normal phenomenon. It constantly reminds the mother to be, of the bundle of joy growing within her. A woman should gain around 20 pounds during pregnancy, irrespective of her body weight before pregnancy. She should gain this through a healthy diet.

There is tendency among some women to severely restrict diet for the fear of losing their original slim looks. On the other hand, many do not make any effort to get back to their original shape accepting it as part of motherhood. Yet in some others, pregnancy weight gain may manifest itself as obesity after childbirth.

What Happens When The Mother To Be Starves Herself?

Ignorant about pregnancy weight gain, many women severely cut on food intake. When babies are starved inside the womb, there is insufficient blood supply to some of the vital internal organs. Such babies are born with smaller livers, kidneys etc. Their smaller organs are incapable of handling the normal body processes. Some of the problems are that their smaller livers cannot remove insulin after meals and their smaller kidneys release harmful chemicals into the blood stream. These cause narrowing of arteries and high blood pressure. This may lead to heart attacks and strokes in later life.

Will Pregnancy Lead To Obesity?

Many women believe that pregnancy weight gain is bound to remain. This is not true. Normally, a woman should get back to her original weight in about nine months. If this is not happening, check out. Reasons may be varied.

Firstly, the new motherhood brings with it, new responsibilities, emotional stress, and disrupted routine leading to eating disorders. The woman gets into a vicious circle, resulting in further weight gain. Secondly, some women may develop sudden excessive post pregnancy weight gain. The reason could be poor reproductive health, complication during pregnancy or depression.

To conclude, a woman should not be over conscious of normal pregnancy weight gain and go to the extreme of starving herself. Eat healthy. Have a lot of whole grains, beans, nuts and other seeds, and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Keep a check on refined food items of all sorts. Yes, motherhood is joyous, but you owe it to yourself to retain your beautiful body. Do not neglect it. Improved self-esteem will help you discharge your duties even better. However, incase if you have sudden abnormal weight gain after childbirth, take prompt medical help.