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The First Stage Of Pregnancy - Symptoms And Progress

The first stage of pregnancy is a time for anticipation and joy. Your pregnancy has just been confirmed, and you and your partner are still trying to cope with the changes in your life. Many mothers feel a little anxious, scared and worried during the first stage of pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy lasts for 12-14 weeks from conception. You feel your body growing fuller. There will be strange food cravings, or even nausea. However, with proper care, you can ensure a healthy and happy first trimester.

Symptoms And Problems Of First Trimester

Nausea, tender breasts and other symptoms characterize the first stage of pregnancy. Here are some of them:

Swollen breasts - The breasts become large preparatory to breastfeeding. The areolas become darker and larger.

Nausea - Commonly known as "morning sickness", nausea can strike any time of the day. The onset is sudden. Sometimes nausea is severe and prevents you from eating large meals. Some women may not feel any nausea, or may just feel queasy.

Tiredness - Your energy levels dip during the first stage of pregnancy. Take as much rest as the body demands. It is a good idea to take a nap in the afternoon. You should try to get a good night's sleep. If you work, then make sure you don't stand for too long at a stretch. Sit on a comfortable chair and put your feet up on a stool. Fatigue is just a signal that you should not overwork yourself.

Varicose veins - Many women have reported the formation of varicose veins on their legs and other areas of the body. This is because the circulation of blood slows down in the pelvic region. The volume of blood being transported in the blood stream also increases.

Development Of The Fetus

The fetus grows rapidly during the first stage of pregnancy. You may feel tired and nauseated because of the energy your body is using in aiding the growth of the baby.

The first month of pregnancy brings many changes for you and the baby. The fetus' vital organs like heart, lungs, liver start developing. The brain also develops. The growth is rapid, and in the fifth week, the tiny heart actually starts beating, though it is not fully formed. The limbs just emerge, as buds.

In week six, the brain and central nervous system starts growing. The digestive system is barely distinguishable. The growth of umbilical cord and bones mark week 7.

In week 8, tiny arms and legs form from the buds. Little toes and fingers appear. By week 12, the baby will have fingers and toes that can wriggle.

Taking Care Of The Mother

The mother might feel tired or dizzy, if blood pressure is low. She may not have much of an appetite if nausea is too bad. Due to her sensitivity to hormonal changes inside her, she might have weird food cravings. Dad, you might find it difficult to deal with her mood swings - they can be wild! At one moment, she is sweet and looking forward to the new arrival. The next moment, she is cranky and dissatisfied over something. Bear with it. Be nice to mom, and try to make her feel good about her appearance, which she fears might have become bad.

Mom, you need to take proper care of yourself. If you cannot keep food down for too long, try eating smaller meals. Eat light food and plenty of fruits and avoid heavy meals. Take lot of short naps when you feel like it. Above all, stop worrying too much, as it might harm you and the baby.

The first stage of pregnancy has its difficulties, and once you have crossed it, you are in the more relaxed second trimester.