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Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy After Ovulation - What To Look Out For

Early symptoms of pregnancy after ovulation can make you feel elated if you were planning motherhood. It can also bring some anxiety to those caught unawares. Many mothers feel changes in their body right from the time of co nception. Early symptoms of pregnancy after ovulation are your body's way of telling you to pay attention to your symptoms.

Early pregnancy symptoms alert you to pregnancy so you can take the next step. Here are some early symptoms of pregnancy after ovulation.

Implantation Spotting

One of the first early symptoms of pregnancy after ovulation is implantation spotting. It occurs 3-4 days after conception. You might find some spotting on your underwear. The bleeding should stop in 1-2 days. If not, you should immediately see a doctor. The color of the blood is light, either pink or brown. If it is dark, be sure to consult a doctor as soon as you can.


Cramping accompanies implantation bleeding. When the fertilized egg attaches to the inner lining of the uterus, you may feel cramps not unlike your periods. Cramping should not last more than a few minutes. It generally subsides when you take rest or lie down. If cramping does not go away or becomes severe, be sure to see your doctor.


Fatigue is another of the early symptoms of pregnancy after ovulation. If you are healthy, sudden fatigue could be a sign of pregnancy. Many women even feel dizzy due to sudden drop in blood pressure when they try to stand up.

Missed Periods

Missed periods are the most easily detected of the Early symptoms of pregnancy after ovulation. But they are by no means conclusive. There could be many reasons for a missed or delayed period, including stress or illness. However, if the missed periods are accompanied by other Early symptoms of pregnancy after ovulation, you may be reasonably sure of pregnancy.

Higher Basal Body Temperature

During your periods, your basal body temperature increases slightly. The same holds true for pregnancy. High basal body temperature is a sure sign of pregnancy. Many women take their temperature with a basal thermometer to confirm pregnancy.

Increase Sensitivity To Odors

This is the first sign of your hormones readying for pregnancy. You might notice an added sharpness of smells around you, or in the flavor of the food you eat. After a few days, you will feel queasy and nauseous owing to your increased sensitivity of smell and taste.

Once these preliminary questions have been answered, you can get further corroboration through a home test kit.

Testing At Home

Over-the-counter testing kits have made it easier for you to carry out a home pregnancy test. This is another method of confirming pregnancy. The results are almost accurate. Pregnancy home test kits allow women to check for pregnancy in the privacy of their homes. If you test negative, you need not visit the doctor and disclose personal information.

However, if you test positive, you need to get a medical opinion confirming pregnancy. Your doctor will guide you through pregnancy.

For a healthy pregnancy, you need to take proper care of yourself. You should know the possible complications of pregnancy and the symptoms to watch out for. Consult a doctor soon as you confirm the early symptoms of pregnancy after ovulation.