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Early Symptoms of an Unusual Pregnancy : When to Seek Help

While every woman experiences pregnancy which, to her mind is different from others, some women face early symptoms of an unusual pregnancy. These are pregnancies where signs of complications are manifested through the symptoms. These should never be ignored. Every time you detect something amiss in your body, it can be time to pay the health care provider or doctor a visit at the earliest to discuss the complications you are experiencing. Some of these complications are anemia, Pre-eclampsia, Hypertension, Early Miscarriage Pregnancy Symptom, and Early Tubal Pregnancy Symptom. Each unusual symptom is discussed below.

Symptoms Causing Alarm

Anemia during pregnancy signals a blood-cell count decrease in the blood. While mild anemia is not harmful to your body, iron deficiency in the blood and a lack of red blood cells is the cause for anemia. Iron supplements, in addition to a diet rich in iron like spinach, baked potatoes, and kidney beans, are an answer to cure from anemia.

Another syndrome that is an unusual pregnancy symptom is a condition known in medical parlance as pre-eclampsia, when increased swelling in the legs, accompanied by high blood pressure and protein in the urine, troubles the pregnant woman. It is difficult to detect pre-eclampsia. But a check-up session at the health care provider generally reveals symptoms like persistent headaches, blurred vision, flashing light, upper abdominal pain, and increased swelling in the legs and feet. There is no known treatment for this problem, and the condition pre-eclampsia subsides at the birth of the baby.

During pregnancy, hypertension or high blood pressure is uncommon. Only a minuscule percentage of pregnant women suffer from hypertension that is another symptom of unusual pregnancy. It is after childbirth that blood pressure normalizes.

In early miscarriage pregnancy symptom, the most common symptom of a possible miscarriage is vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding is prolonged and accompanied by the presence of heavy clots and other tissues. It can even be very painful. It needs immediate medical attention.

Early Tubal Pregnancy Symptom occurs when a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus. The chances of such an occurrence are one in fifty pregnancies, and are characterized by symptoms such as vaginal spotting, abdominal or pelvic pain or tenderness, and pain that worsens while coughing or moving bowels.

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