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Early Sign Of Pregnancy - What To Watch Out For

An early sign of pregnancy prepares you for the changes in your body during pregnancy. There are many emotions associated with early pregnancy symptom. The moment you think you might soon hold a little bundle of joy in your arms, you will apprehension, joy, anxiety or even a little fear. Relax with proper guidance; you can make pregnancy a happy time.

The body is nature's most marvelous creation. It has a mechanism to create life. It also lets you know your condition through early sign of pregnancy. Some of them may bring discomfort; though it is only a way of attracting your attention to the changes your body is undergoing.

What Are The Signs?

Here are some signs of early pregnancy to watch out for.

  • Missed Period- Chances are that a missed period was the early sign of pregnancy that alerted you to possible conception. If you have undergone IVF treatment or suspect pregnancy, then the symptoms below will let you know about it sooner than a missed period.
  • Tender Breasts - Tenderness of the breasts is another early sign of pregnancy. Additionally, the breasts also swell, causing some discomfort to women. Swollen breasts are a signal that the body is getting ready for breastfeeding.
  • Morning Sickness - Unlike its name, "morning" sickness can strike anytime of the day. Many women spend the first few days of pregnancy throwing up whatever they eat. Some women may just feel a little uneasy and queasy the entire day. The severity of nausea differs from woman to woman.
  • Tiredness - Another early pregnancy symptom is tiredness. You might feel tired all of a sudden. Getting out of bed might not be as easy as it used to be. Give yourself time and take it easy.
  • Dizziness- many women report symptoms like low blood pressure. This causes dizziness especially during sudden movement. Rising from a seated position is also difficult.

Preparing For Pregnancy

After your doctor has confirmed the early sign of pregnancy, you need to prepare for the pregnancy and birth of the child. Keep a pregnancy journal to record the developments during the course of the next nine months. You can keep an old fashioned diary for recording your experiences, symptoms, weight etc. You can also get an account for an online pregnancy journal.

Pay attention to pregnancy health, since these few months are crucial for the mother and the baby. Your doctor should monitor pregnancy health. You can also consult doctors and other pregnant women on online forums. The pregnancy journal alerts you to changes in your body on a weekly basis. You also get to compare the symptoms to normal pregnancy symptoms and monitor your own pregnancy health.

Pregnancy is a time for joy and a little difficulty. If you are a first time mom, you may not be able to recognize the symptoms or know if your pregnancy is going all right. A doctor should confirm an early sign of pregnancy and your health should be constantly monitored after that.