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Early Pregnancy Symptom - How To Check For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman's life; seen in the keen wait for confirming it through early pregnancy symptom. These symptoms have always brought joy and anticipation in women and their families. Once the symptoms are confirmed, you need to start planning the pregnancy and life with a new member in the family. There are many ways to look for early pregnancy symptom.

This article discusses the various early pregnancy symptom. We also discuss how to tell them apart from non-pregnancy related symptoms.


Implantation bleeding is a common early pregnancy symptom. After fertilization, the egg attaches to the inner walls of the uterus. This is when implantation bleeding occurs. Implantation bleeding has the following symptoms:

  • Starts around 5 days after conceiving
  • Bleeding discharge is light in color, not dark.
  • Increase in discharge

These symptoms are different from menstruation. The time of implantation also causes early pregnancy symptom like cramping in some women. A pregnancy test is the best way of finding out if you are pregnant.

Increased Frequency Of Urination

Frequent urination is another early pregnancy symptom. Due to hormone changes and stretching of ligaments over the bladder, you will feel frequent need to go to the bathroom.


Secondary sex organs like breasts feel tender after conception. This is another early pregnancy symptom. The hormonal changes your body is going through during this time is also responsible for tenderness and slight swelling in the area.

High Body Temperature

In pregnant women, basal body temperature increases after conception. This is another early pregnancy symptom to look out for. If your body temperature stays high even when you are not menstruating, this could be a sign of pregnancy.

Missed Period

A missed period is of course, the biggest early pregnancy symptom. This is one of the surest ways of indicating pregnancy. Remember that the signs differ from person to person. Some women might continue having their periods though they will not be as heavy as before.

Dizziness And Fatigue

Of course, their might be reasons other than pregnancy that cause exhaustion and fatigue. However, if these symptoms are coupled with any other early pregnancy symptom, there are chances you should consult a gynecologist. Many women have had fainting spells as their first early pregnancy symptom. Take care not to overeat, since you might feel hungrier than usual if nausea does not trouble you too much.


Nausea is another early pregnancy symptom that alerts women to possible pregnancy. You may not feel any discomfort- suddenly nausea will catch you unawares. Eating smaller meals will help you combat the problem.

Keeping A Record Of Your Pregnancy

It is important to keep proper record of your pregnancy, week by week. Many women start keeping a pregnancy journal soon after recording their early pregnancy symptom. This helps your obstetrician check if things are going normal and intervene in case of any complication.

Take proper care of yourself once you visit your doctor and pregnancy is confirmed. An early pregnancy symptom is harbinger of joy to many women; an announcement of impending motherhood.