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What You Should Know About Early Pregnancy Symptom - Discharge

Early pregnancy symptom - discharge, results from the changes taking place in your body after you conceive. Detecting early pregnancy symptom is not easy, and discharge is one of the symptoms that alert you. It occurs in very early pregnancy, and lets you know when you have conceived, allowing you to take further action to confirm pregnancy.

What Is Early Pregnancy Symptom - Discharge?

Vaginal discharge is generally odorless and light colored. Known as leucorrhea, discharge occurs in many women even when they are not pregnant. A little discharge is normal for girls and women. Right after conception, you may notice an increase in discharge. This early pregnancy symptom might be accompanied by other symptoms like cramping.

The increase in discharge is due to the increased flow of blood to the pelvic area. It consists of discarded old vaginal tissue, friendly vaginal bacteria.

Discharge - Protecting The Baby

Early pregnancy symptom discharge does more than alert you to pregnancy. it starts accumulating in the cervix and creates a mucus plug. The mucus plug will act as a barrier against bacteria and toxic substances. It will help you avoid infection and keep the baby safe.

Expulsion Of The Mucus Plug

What started out as early pregnancy symptom - discharge- soon becomes the mucus plug that alerts you to labor when it is expelled. After the pregnancy term is over and the baby is ready to move out, the mucus plug is expelled. Sometimes, the mucus plug might be tinged pink due to blood. If heavy bleeding accompanies the expulsion of the mucus plug, see your doctor immediately.

Danger Signs

Early pregnancy discharge is normal and nothing to worry about as long as the discharge is odor free and clear or whitish. You should worry if the discharge becomes greenish, grayish or yellow. A foul smell is a sign of infection.

Other symptoms of infection include a sore, red vulva and a burning or itching sensation

Apart from infection, you should be on guard against miscarriage or preterm labor. If the mucus plug expulsion is accompanied by heavy bleeding, see your doctor. Ovulation discharge has a consistency of cheese, and is not generally prominent. However, if you notice a foul odor, do see your doctor.

Dealing With Discharge

The early pregnancy symptom discharge can be an embarrassment to women if it is heavy. Use panty liners as a way to cope with excess discharge. It is advisable not to use intrusive objects and chemicals like tampons, feminine hygiene wash and spray. Keep the area clean and avoid wearing tight fitting panties. Cotton panties are much better than nylon ones as they help keep the area dry and prevent infections. Don't use anything with any chemical on it, including perfumed paper or strong soaps.

Early pregnancy symptom - discharge

Alerts you to pregnancy and helps you take steps to ensure a healthy pregnancy.